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Honolulu Horse & Carriage
Honolulu Horse & Carriage
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Ali'i (King)
I am a Percheron and I'm spoiled! I love to play, but don't let me mistake your fingers for carrots! My weight is 1,896 pounds (give or take a hay cube or anything else I can get my lips on).

" We miss you Enjoy your beautiful pasture"

Ni'ele (Nosey)
I am a Belgian and look at me - aren't I handsome? I know it too! If you come to visit, I like being scratched under my chin. It's true we have different personalities, but mine outshines the rest!

"R.I.P. August 2007"

Kolohe (Rascal)

I am a Percheron and I am the veteran of the group. I like to take my time because I know more than the drivers do. They call me Rascal because.....well, take a look at me!

" Thank you for your dedication and companionship"

Aloha,  I'm very mahaoi (curious) and always want to have my nose in my families pockets. If they let me I would follow them everywhere. I like playtime best cause I get to run and stretch my legs!

-->> Click here to see more pictures of Ikaika Uhane

Keikiali'iOhuohu(Prince Charming)
I am a Percheron, my name is Keikiali'i Ohuohu which means Prince
Charming! Most people say I feel like a Velvet Teddy Bear. If you see me around town wave Hello, I will look around for you. If you take a ride please pick me because I don't want to get to big and lazy like my brothers although I love them so.

"Enjoy your new family! Your brothers miss you!"

Akamai Okole (wise guy)

I am also a Percheron, but am the brains of the operation. I like to prance and show off my good looks. Everyone thinks I am handsome. I also like to pick fights with my brothers. Are you looking at me?

Lio O' Kalani (Heavenly Horse)

Hi, everyone I am Lio. I am a full grown gray percheron. I love people and attention. Even though I am bigger than my new brothers, my lil bro Akamai still picks on me! I hope I get to met all the people who love to take a  carriage ride on the island of Oahu. I think I like humans more than I like horses. This photo was taken right before I got an elevator ride to the roof of the convention center!

Uala Po'o (Potato head)

I am Akamai's half brother and we are complete opposites, I take my time and love to eat and play in the mud. He thinks he is smart but I got one up on him.

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